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Love it . Very sexy . Love to see the bottom half too xx.

The best thing is.I know the Edinburgh accent so well that I'm able to hear you say all of your words - the wee quotes under each picture - in my head which makes these photos all the more sexy coz I love the Edinburgh patter. I may be 'greetin myself to a slumber' thinking of you tonight you sexy lady. Hah hah Loving your work Mwah xxx. Mmmmmm always a fan of a tini. Wini itzy. Bitzy. Bikini 👙. Try saying that quickly. And preferably with your mouth full of my rock hard cock. Lol BIG X. Very nice when the boobs spill over a bit, love them, oh and your new bikini top, beautiful, mmmm lets go to a nudist beach and get it off ?, xxxxxxx,s. I'd like it even more if you tugged it down an unleashed those big, juicy tits into my waiting hands and greedy mouth x. No, cause it's not in a heap on my bedroom floor while my face is buried between those delightful bewbs :)